Bidder Conference Presentation and Immediate Request for Bidder Feedback

The OSW RFP Bidder Conference panelist presentation has been posted. Please visit 2022 Offshore Wind RFP Bidder Conference page to access and download the presentation.

Please note, all Bidder questions should be submitted on or before November 30, 2022. Questions should be submitted to both AND   RIE is encouraging Bidders to submit questions early to provide the maximum amount of time for Bidders to develop their Proposals, and provide time should additional Q&A be necessary. All questions and their answers will be posted to the website’s Q&A tab; however, submitter names will not be included – submitters will remain anonymous.

Finally, RIE is seeking immediate feedback from Bidders on the Company’s proposal to extend the Bid Proposal due date from February 1, 2022 to March 1, 2022, with all subsequent deadlines pushed back by approximately one month to accommodate changes to the NYSERDA OSW RFP due dates. Further, RIE is seeking Bidder opinion on whether explicit terms should be added to the RFP and necessary Appendices to accommodate the ability of a Bidder to withdraw bids should the Bidder’s proposal be conditionally selected in another RFP.  Please submit all responses by or before close of business Thursday, November 3rd to both AND

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